Hello and welcome

My name is Elli and I am the founder of AlphaYoga. My own personal Yoga journey has spanned over almost 20 years and I have experienced such deep transformation during that time that I now consider it my duty to share this beautiful set of practises with others. As profound and life-changing as Yoga is, I believe that it's just as important that we connect with our imperfect selves through humour and light-heartedness. This results in down-to-earth and informal classes in which students are encouraged to let go of appearances, relax and just be. I cater for different needs from physical Yoga to Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) & Meditation in group classes for all ages and abilities in Kennington (Oxford) and its surroundings. I also offer one-to-one tuition and yoga therapy from my peaceful woodland cabin in Kennington.

Why the name 'Alpha' Yoga?

The name AlphaYoga reflects my interest in the human mind and my commitment to helping people slow down and become more mindful of their breath, movements and thoughts for optimal wellbeing.

Science has shown that our brains operate on different frequencies depending on what we are doing and our state of mind. 'Alpha' is the name given to the frequency which predominates during wakeful relaxation (8 - 12 hz). Being in lower brainwave states such as 'alpha' is essential for maintaining mental and physical health. Not only does the 'alpha' state improve memory and mental agility, it is also necessary for the restoration of the central nervous system.

I look forward to meeting you!